Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lightening Fast

Not much going on here, except getting ready for our 4th of July bash and chasing after Bennett. Now that he's mobile, he's a little less needy and more willing to occupy himself...the problem is how he keeps himself occupied. He loves dumping over the office trash can, playing with paper, shredding and/or eating any paper he finds (magazines, newspaper, mail, etc.), getting into the filthy dog toys, trying to walk, pulling out all his toys from the toy bin--just lots of fun! The things on his legs are called BabyLegs, and they are little leg warmers for babies. I like them because they help his knees not get so rug-burned. His poor little knees are so red all the time.

Bennett watched his dad work in the yard and loved watching him spray the water. He was hitting the glass and putting his whole face against the glass!

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