Monday, August 25, 2008

Lord of the Flies a.k.a. Toddler Class

I haven't been able to post because the last week has been too exhausting. Bennett's first week in toddler class has been draining, to say the least. Unfortunately, he hates it. He cries when we drop him off and all last week he was waking up like a newborn during the night. I was up 2-4 times each night with a screaming, unhappy little boy. We had a great weekend, and I had high hopes for Monday, but no dice...still very upset to be left, but at least when I picked him up, he seemed happy enough. We're still working it out. Tomorrow we're going to try just Daddy dropping him off, instead of both of us.

This weekend Bennett tried out the swings at the local park--yeah, not so much. He kept kicking his legs frantically and whining, as if he was saying, "I can't touch the ground, I can't touch the ground." He might have inherited a little of Arty's control-freak tendencies (wink, wink-all bad traits are Arty's). He did enjoy going down the slide in my lap though. After being up too many times Saturday night, we decided we needed pancakes Sunday. At IHOP, Bennett ate a full adult-size pancake, some eggs and sausage. He was hamming it up for the little girl in the booth next to ours. See for yourself--heartbreaker?

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