Monday, September 22, 2008

Hurricane Ike Evacuees

Hurricane Ike resulted in lots of people without electricity, including just about everyone we know who lives in Houston. Most people got their electricity on within a few days, but Aunt Tiana, Uncle John and new baby cousin Jonas weren't so lucky. So they came to stay with us (how lucky is that?!). They stayed for almost a whole week, and Jonas and Bennett had a great time waking each other up at night.
Jonas & Bennett

On their last day here, we all went to the zoo. Jonas slept the entire time, and Bennett finally got to have a good time at the zoo. On previous trips, Bennett was the blob, but what a difference a year makes! Here is Bennett with Daddy and Uncle John.

Bennett playing with the alligator.

Bennett listening to all the messages about animals. Uncle John kept pushing buttons, and Bennett loved to listen!

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