Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fire Drill

When I arrived to pick Bennett up from daycare last week, this is what I saw! I had to snap a picture. All the nonwalkers in his class get thrown into one crib during fire drills, and its adorable. Also, not to worry anyone, but because Bennett has had loose BMs for the last 2 months and some other kid came up with crypto, his daycare is making us get Bennett checked out for crypto. Our pediatrician says no way, given his lack of other symptoms, but after I shoveled poop into disgusting vials and then stirred and shook it up, per instructions, the darn test better show something! I'd be happy to have Bennett "regular" again. We had to stop cloth diapering during this time, and I'd love to be able to go back to it. Plus, it can't be pleasant for Bennett being known as the kid who dirties his clothes every other day at daycare (and at home--he just pooped on our new rug-ick). I'll keep you updated on the crypto results.

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