Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who Needs McDonalds?

We're trying out the Hanukkah tradition of opening one present a day for seven days (or as many as it takes). Honestly, since we're going to be down in Houston for such a long time, and Bennett has no idea what Christmas is all about yet, we've just been handing him toys willy-nilly. First up, a set of balls to make his very own ball pit using his baby pool. The weather was nice enough to be outside this weekend, but we moved the ball pit inside where it now sits in my kitchen. He loves it, and it saves my sanity (he usually tries to juggle knives out of the dishwasher when I'm not looking).

You can tell by the first picture that Bennett was unsure why we covered him in bright balls. However, by the last picture he has the art of ball pit moshin' down to a science. Now he'll even jump in, which I don't think is safe, considering the ball pit is not THAT full of balls, but he'll figure it out. Luckily these aren't his permanent teeth.

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