Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Life with Bennett has been really enjoyable lately. He's been in a really great mood, fewer tantrums, and he's cracking us up with all his new antics. Just tonight he learned to say "daddy" (daa-ee) as in "bye bye da-ee". He tells the dogs "no dog" while shaking his finger at them. Yesterday in Victoria's Secret, he was putting bras on his head as I browsed. Too cute! He's not quite sleeping through the night like before the Christmas trek, but he's also getting his molars in. He's got the 2 top molars and now he's getting in the bottom two. These really seem to have bothered him, but he's still putting on a happy face most of the time. Here are some pictures taken this evening. The first one is Bennett showing off his art work from school. Then he proceeded to pull all the colored noodles off and feed them to the dogs. The second one is Bennett playing in his box house, which he knocked over right before I could take a picture of him inside.

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