Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Bennett had a total of 4 Easter egg hunts, beginning Thursday at daycare and ending with a big one at Misty's house. By the end of it, he finally understood the whole "find the egg, insert into basket" routine, though I don't think he ever really felt the rush of finding the eggs and inserting them into the basket...probably next year. We had a great weekend in Houston, visiting all of our family and friends. Bennett enjoyed the petting zoo at Angela's neighborhood park. We must be teaching him something right, because he used "gentle hands" on all the animals (as opposed to how he treats our dogs). At Misty's house, he played non-stop with McKenna's playhouse. I'm sure he was thinking, "finally, a place where I can open and shut the door to my heart's desire, and NO ONE IS YELLING AT ME!" Yeah! He also enjoyed removing the stools from the house, putting the stools back in the house, one at a time, and then taking them out again. He's such a crazy and serious little boy!

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