Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Voila! A Santa Picture Sans Tears

It took a lot of talking up Santa, showing online pictures and videos pre-visit and being 3rd in a very long line, but by golly, Bennett sat on Santa's lap and we were able to get the tiniest of smirks out of him. We were just happy he didn't cry. On the flip side, we might have done a little over-hyping because he keeps asking about Santa and when he gets "pesents" (and he means presents, not peasants...even though he's an only child and a little spoiled, I promise we're not getting him an indentured servant for Christmas this year. He's still too young.) I've tried explaining how the whole countdown calendar and our morning ritual of putting an ornament on the calendar means its not showtime yet, but alas, he continues to request pesents daily. I'm hoping he can hold out until at least Christmas Eve, when he'll get to open a couple.

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