Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February in Fort Worth a.k.a. F U Punxsutawney Phil

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. OK, STOP SNOWING AND TURN OUR POWER BACK ON. At first, the heavy snowfall was interesting to all of us, but it quickly turned into the weekend from hell when we didn't have power (or heat) for 3 days. Our friend Jodi let us crash at her house each night, but we would return during the day to start a fire so the dogs could warm up a bit. By the end of it, the house was down to 51 degrees. Where is spring?!

Snow or no snow, Bennett got the proper attire for Valentine's Day. Due to the power outage and our babysitter's power outage, we had to forego our Valentine's Day plans, but Arty and I were off for President's Day that Monday, so we shipped Bennett off to daycare and celebrated President's Day with a candle-lit lunch and movie.

After Snowpocalypse 2010 (I'm borrowing that phrase from my Washington DC friends who really got it much worse than us, but for Houstonians to experience cold like that--it was probably the same effect), Misty and McKenna came up for a visit while Arty was down in Houston visiting his family. At first Bennett wasn't too fired up about sharing his stroller, but how could he say no to McKenna's smile?!

Saturday, we visited the Fort Worth Museum of History and Science which has recently reopened with an exciting children's museum. We are members and this winter, it seems like we have visited at least twice a month. It keeps Bennett busy, helps us retain our sanity, its heated, and Bennett takes a good nap afterwards (usually--he didn't after this visit).

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