Monday, March 7, 2011

3 1/2 Years & 4 Months

According to Chuck E. Cheese (who sent me coupons to mark the occasion), Bennett is 3 1/2 this month. He is tall for his age and has quickly outgrown all his 3T pants that I swear just last week were falling off of him. His 4T pants are pretty baggy, but he definitely needs the extra length. His teachers say he is doing exceptionally well in school and loves to learn. He surprises us everyday with the things he tells us, some hilarious, some not so funny (like when he huffs and gives us the attitude of a 13-yr old). Right now he is into all things Star Wars. Recently, my dad asked him, "so Bennett, what do you want to be when you grow up?," and without missing a beat, Bennett replied nonchalantly, "a jedi." He then went on to explain that jedis defend themselves against the dark side. You can thank his father for this obsession.

As for Lachlan, he just turned 4 months old. Today was his well-baby check-up and he weighed 14 lbs, 11.5 oz and was 25 1/4 in. long, which is about 50th percentile (down from 75th). He's smaller than Bennett was at this age (he was in the 95th percentile), but he also doesn't eat all.the.time like Bennett did. The pediatrician kept telling me that he seemed like a very smart baby (because he drooled a lot and is too busy to sleep--yes, our ped is a little odd). Most of the time, he is pretty happy, but he definitely has us tied around his little finger. But in our defense, look at that smile!

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