Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lachlan is 6 months old!

Lachlan can now sit up on his own, though we keep a pillow behind him because he is still a little wobbly. He is right in the middle in weight and height percentages...not too thin, not too fat, just right! In the 2nd and 3rd pictures, you can see Lachlan taking his first Trinity train ride which he loved. He really enjoys the outdoors, just like his brother. In the last picture, you can see Bennett and Lachlan at Mommy's office for Take-Your-Child-to-Work Day. They came over for the morning and then went to school by lunchtime so Mommy could get some work done. Lachlan is such a happy baby, always grinning, especially when his brother is around. Lachlan LOVES Bennett soooo much and Bennett can make him laugh just by looking at him. It's so sweet.

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