Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Update

Wow! We have been incredibly busy this summer. Bennett is looking forward to his 4th birthday coming up in a few weeks. This summer we've spent time at the water park, where he rode all the slides his height allowed. We also took a beach vacation with the Wheaton side of the family where we only took a few pictures that I'll have to post in another entry. We've gone to the zoo, the museum, the library, Little Gym, took swim lessons, and lots of playground time. Its been REALLY hot this summer, so we tried to spend as much time inside or in the water as we could. Bennett even got an invitation to swim at the neighbors' pool and lucky for us, Arty has become friendly with the man, a handy ex-Marine who built his own deck in 100 degree weather. Hurrah!

Lachlan finally started sleeping mostly through the night after I went out of town for a week (of course). He still gets up some, but his sleep is much improved. He's on the go all the time, crawling throughout the house to find me. He also has started eating table foods with the his 2 little teeth, and he can't get enough (which is good b/c he's a little on the small side and Mom would like to fatten him up).

Lachlan showing off his skills...he'll be walking soon!

The boys playing in a laundry basket

Bennett at the water park

Lachlan after eating a cereal bar

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