Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween and Lachlan's 1st Birthday

We're having a party for Lachlan in Houston Thanksgiving weekend when we can be surrounded by all his family, but we had a small celebration on the special day. We had cupcakes (I wish I could say it was his first, but Lachlan has been allowed to eat sweets WAY earlier than Bennett) and sang Happy Birthday. Lachlan loved being the center of attention and clapped along with the song. A few days before Lachlan's birthday was this other little event called Halloween, Lachlan's first Halloween. Lachlan was Yoda and Bennett picked out his Optimus Prime costume, though he hasn't seen the Transformers yet. Even cuter is that Bennett can't quite pronouce Optimus, so he dressed as Octopus Prime. Whatever. Lachlan was in bed by the time the first trick-or-treaters arrived at our house. Arty took Bennett trick-or-treating and he had a great time. We're still eating candy around here!

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