Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Week kicked the Wheaton-Rodriguez family's ass. In the Valentine's pic, both boys have the flu, and Bennett had strep on top of that. We spent the whole week at home with the boys, but we were rewarded with a healthy weekend.

I just took this picture of Lachlan in the bath this evening. He was cracking himself up, pretending like his bath toy was a water fountain. I'm just hoping he wore himself out in the bath and sleeps tonight. We're all exhausted. Ever since he had the flu, his sleep is all off and the whole family is suffering (poor Bennett keeps asking his teacher when nap time is).

We need our sleep because we've got a very busy March coming up. T-ball is starting for Bennett, and Arty is coaching/managing the team. Plus, Mommy is taking off for South Carolina for training for a week. And those two are just the tip of the if you don't hear from me until April, you will know why!

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