Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

Bennett started kindergarten at Kids' Place this week.  He missed the cut-off for public kindergarten by 2 days, so he'll have to repeat kindergarten when he transfers into public school next year, but for now, I'm counting this as his first day.  So far he has really enjoyed it.  Usually when I inquire about what he did today, he always responds, "play," and can never really recount anything he learned.  NOT ANYMORE! He told me yesterday all about his math lesson "how far, how much, how long".  Lachlan is not to be outdone and the school is planning on moving him up to the 2 year old class at the beginning of October.

 This is a picture I took of the boys playing in the backyard last week.  Bennett is learning to ride his new bike, and Lachlan just likes to wear a helmet in support of Bennett's efforts.  They were digging up weeds and putting them in these buckets in some sort of order that only made sense to them.  I love that they are finally getting to the age that they can play with each other and by themselves for about 5-10 minutes before anyone gets hit, pushed or shoved.

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