Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Fun-Happy New Year!

Took the boys to the zoo today, and they had a blast playing on the telephones and hearing all the information about snakes and crocodiles.  Bennett even touched a red and black snake native to Honduras.  He's very into identifying which snakes are venomous.  Lachlan is a little hesitant about the snakes, but loves to look at the crocodiles.

The boys playing in the leaves that Arty put in a of the many piles (and don't even get me started on the amount of leaves that were in the backyard).
 Lachlan and Bennett playing on the "spiderweb" in Burnett park by my building.
 Decorating Christmas cookies.
 Lachlan performing a piano concert with his new piano Christmas morning.  He's very Jerry Lee Lewis with his legs up on the piano!
 Bennett and his wild hair showing off a present Christmas morning.
 The boys cheesing it up in the bath...a moment of sweetness in the haze of fighting that we normally see.

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Valerie said...

Great pictures! I love this: "a moment of sweetness in the haze of fighting..."

That describes my and Debbie's relationship when we were growing up too! :o)