Monday, April 29, 2013

April 2013--The month Bennett broke his collarbone...

 Lachlan on Thomas the train--he keeps asking us if we can go back to see Thomas.  I wish he was nearby all the time because Lachlan had a blast.
 Lachlan at the petting zoo.  He was so gentle.
 The boys feeding the koi at the Japanese Garden Spring Festival.
 The boys playing the musical instruments outside the Perot Museum in Dallas (you drop rocks and it makes musical notes--this is one of Bennett's favorite places).
 Lachlan playing at the water yesterday at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  We've been visiting a lot of museums because playgrounds aren't safe with Bennett's collarbone.  Unfortunately, "slow down" and "no jumping" are not part of Bennett's vocabulary, no matter how many times we say them, so we have to try to limit his "dangerous" activities.  He still finds things to jump off of, but we refuse to be the ones to blame. ;-)
Bennett giving me his GQ pose because he has started refusing to smile for the camera.  I told him the next time he asked to go to the museum, I'd show him this picture to show him that he didn't really like going to the museum. LOL!  He didn't like that very much.

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