Monday, January 21, 2008

Tummy Time

Bennett has had a cold for the last few days. Snot everywhere. I guess the sore throat the doctor spotted was the beginning of this cold. No fever though, so we're just riding it out. Bennett has been in high spirits despite the snot-sucking. I've never met a baby who enjoyed getting his nose sucked, but Bennett doesn't seem to mind one bit. By the way, Happy MLK Jr. Day! Arty and I were off work today, but we put Bennett in daycare for a couple of hours so we could see a movie. Together. In the same theater, right next to each other. Joy! When we got home, Bennett had a tummy time breakthrough. He didn't scream for at least 5 minutes, and he reached for his toy while on his tummy. That boy may crawl yet. I added the second picture because the dogs watching/walking around Bennett while he's on the floor is a common occurrence, but probably only a Wheaton-Rodriguez normality. Today it was Bonita entertaining Bennett. Luckily, Bennett has only been slightly stepped on once, and that was an accident. No tears though! Bennett's a tough kid.

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