Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Easter Bunny Left a Fever, Instead of Eggs

Bennett had a cold this past week, which developed into a low fever Friday night. We thought he was cranky about the peas, but goodness sakes, he was worse about the fever. We've been pumping him with pain reliever, and he seems to be feeling somewhat better. You can tell from the picture that he was in a better mood, even if he did have a meltdown about 30 minutes later.What's so funny is that Bennett is obsessed with this elephant's tail...and the stuff on his face is cookie. He got to try his first teething biscuit today because he wouldn't eat any cereal and hardly any pears (we put the peas away--for now). By the way, you can tell Arty wrote the last post, because I actually like peas; broccoli is another story.
I added a picture of pretty Bonita. She went to the beauty shop today and looks FABULOUS! Oh, and Penny looks like she might be losing some weight. The diet continues...

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