Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sitting up

Bennett is sitting up, albeit wobbly. He is learning how to use his hands for balance, but he occasionally crashes. He usually falls straight back (hence the pillow behind him), but amazingly enough, he doesn't cry. I don't know how I got such a tough kid, because I'm a big wimp.

We are also starting Bennett on a sippy cup. He doesn't get it yet; he just thinks it's a toy, but his caregiver, Miss Angie, thought it would be a good idea. We had been contemplating the introduction, and had already bought the sippy cups, but she gave us the kick we needed to get it started.

Other than that, not much is changing. Arty and I are spending our first night away from Bennett Saturday to celebrate our anniversary (8 yrs). Bennett's Aunt Tiana and Uncle John are coming to visit and watch him. We have a 3 page typed memo on how to take care of Bennett, so I think they'll be OK. He really is an easy baby these days. They are expecting a baby in August, so I hope they don't think it starts out this easy! Or maybe they will be lucky and get a happy baby from the start. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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