Friday, April 4, 2008

Bennett Turns 7 Months Old

Yesterday Bennett turned the big 0-7 months. I weighed him today, and he tips the scales at 20.2 lbs. Pretty soon he'll need a big boy carseat. In other weight news, Penny lost .2 lbs from the last time we weighed her, but she's still over 10 lbs. I feel her pain though; I have about 4 more lbs of baby weight to go.

This picture is of Bennett tonight after he finished trying some ham. His dad said Bennett was telling me, "No quiero jamon, Mama!" That was probably right. But he does love his Melissa & David bumblebee high chair toy, which was featured in this month's American Baby. We're stylin' and profilin' here in the Wheaton-Rodriguez household.

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