Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why has it been so long since the last post, Mommy?

Because Bennett, Mommy is a very busy lady. But Mommy still loves you the same, no matter how busy she is.

OK Mommy, I'm happy with that answer, but you need to try harder. My far-away relatives rely on this blog to see pictures of cute-as-pie me!

Smith, get out of the way! Mommy is trying to take pictures of me, and I'm wondering why she is holding that gray box up to her head.

I love my Smith.

Onto updates: Bennett is becoming very mommy-centric. Only the best will do, right? He also now likes green beans and is trying new finger foods, like cut-up cooked canned carrots and sweet potato fries. He hasn't quite worked out the pincer grasp (using just the pointer finger and thumb), but he's got the concept of putting food into the mouth.

Bennett is becoming the tummy time rebel. If you put him on his tummy, he'll roll over onto his back. Mommy is heading to an Aretha Franklin concert, so off she goes again--that busy Mommy.

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