Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Neverending Story of Colds

We're all sick with a cold, courtesy of Bennett, via daycare, I'm sure. This cold isn't nearly as bad as the last, mostly just coughing. Speaking of daycare, Bennett seems to be enjoying himself. They even took a picture of him painting a valentine with his hands. If I get a copy, I'll try to post it. I think the only bad thing has been the increase in pacifier use. He seems to want it a lot more than ever before. I just bought a book at Target entitled "Bye Bye, Pacifier". I'm saving it for when we have to have that discussion. For now though, I'm just happy that something that tiny can calm him while we're away at work.

Other than having a cold, not much is going on. Bennett has become fascinated with the animals. He smiles and reaches for them every chance he gets. Velli is taking advantage of all the free pets. What is amazing is how quickly Bennett latches onto Velli's tags. So far Velli has not minded being choked a bit, in the name of receiving more pets, but we'll see how long that holds up. As predicted, Penny does not like having her ears tugged or her eyes poked, but she is learning that she has to just leave the situation as we work to teach Bennett how to use a more gentle touch. I expect all the animals will tire of Bennett as soon as he becomes mobile, but we have a little bit. While he can sit up with the help of a boppy pillow, he is not making much headway in the rolling over department. We'll keep you updated.

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