Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Splishin' and a'splashin'

Bennett has learned how to splash in the tub, and suddenly, bathtime is sooo much more fun for him (and wet for Mom & Dad). He has a new cold (I know, I know...again? you ask), but he's still in good spirits. We're 3 for 3--3 months in daycare, 3 colds. Actually, since its not technically March yet, I guess its even worse. Someone at work said I should stop breastfeeding since it obviously wasn't working (breastfeeding is supposed to cut down on illnesses). Nice.

Speaking of eating, Bennett has started rice cereal at daycare now. So many tiny babies are entering his class that now he looks like the old one! He is working on rolling over. Arty thought he did it one night, but we haven't been able to reproduce it. Pretty soon. Sorry this post is so rambling, but I'm tired. Though Bennett is a joy, we've been very busy around here. We found out today that our baby Penny will probably need knee surgery soon. She's not in any pain, but her knee keeps popping in and out, so she's been hobbling around. The vet showed me how to pop it back in, but it won't stay. If we can't get the knee to stay in place, she will definitely need surgery. Send all your good thoughts to Penny!

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Angela said...

Bennett is such a cutie!!

My thoughts are with Penny. I hope she doesn't have to have surgery.