Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rice Cereal--Success?

I hate to write these words for fear I will jinx us, but we've been feeding Bennett rice cereal for about 5 days now, and last night he pretty much slept all the way through the night (7:30-3:30, ate, then 3:45-6). We figured out a couple reasons why his stomach might have hurt the first night. 1) I mixed the cereal too thick or 2) I mixed the cereal with formula. So, now I mix the cereal thin and only use breastmilk. He did wake up a few times crying, but I just shushed him from the futon in his room (where I am now sleeping because Arty almost chopped his thumb off and can't change a diaper). If he keeps this up, Arty and I just might be sleeping in the same bed by the end of the month. Eureka!

I have a confession--I let the baby watch television this morning. I feel horrible, but I'm basically on single-mother duty because Arty can't really hold the baby well, or do much of anything with his thumb in the state that it is. I had Bennett fed, diapered, clothed, and medicined, and I really wanted to fix some breakfast, but everytime I set him down, he fussed. He was trying to watch the news when I was holding him (away from the TV), trying to eat, so I put on Classical Baby, plopped that baby in his boppy and finished fixing my breakfast. Rationalization: It was only for maybe 7 minutes and there is no way he could get ADHD from 7 minutes of TV watching in 5 months of life. Realization: I'm not perfect.

I hate reality.

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