Monday, May 12, 2008

Bennett & Mommy


Amy said...

Hey Alyssa! I haven't the foggiest how I came across this but I'm sure it's from one of your mom's past emails & I checked it out then, I was cleaning out my email and came across it again. So I thought I'd drop in a hello. YOur son is the cutest.It sounds like ya'll are doing well in TX. I need to do this Blog thing so we can all keep in touch, Lauren is now 10 years old. I'll set mine up so you can see her. We won't make it to the reunion since we are going to FL for summer vacay. I don't think my parents are going either but maybe we will make the next one, Well please keep in touch. is my work email and dvdsorrow is my home email. Love, Amy Rutherford Sorrow

Amy said...

Hey again, if you want to get in touch with me then only use my email for now, we are having problems with the other one. thanks. later !