Sunday, May 18, 2008

Swim Class #2 & Helping Around the House

Both Mom and Dad joined Bennett in the pool this week, so we don't have any live action shots. However, here is one just before he got in the pool. He did great again!
Then, on Sunday, Bennett wanted to help me with laundry, my takes-all-weekend chore. He loves getting into the hangers. I'm just glad we don't use wire ones, so I don't have to worry about him poking his eye out...or tetanus. Can't you just tell how devilish this child is from that grin?
Once Mom couldn't take the "help" anymore, Dad put Bennett in this box where he alternately chewed and then drummed on the side. Our little maniac!

By the way, save the date for Bennett's first birthday party. We're planning on having a small pool party at Grammy and PopPop's house Labor Day weekend--just family and close friends...(nothing like that huge shindig McKenna had!). We can't deal with the stress of a huge party because we'll be traveling down to Houston for the birth-day of baby Jonas, due mid-August.

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