Monday, May 12, 2008

Trip to Houston

First, let me say that we figured out why Bennett wasn't sleeping well this past week--TWO TEETH! They are poking through on the bottom.

On the way to Houston, I had a great time taking pictures with my Mother's Day present, a new camera. Here is one of Bennett enjoying a piece of "toast" on the drive down. Yummy!

We stayed at Pappo's house, and Bennett loved getting all that attention.

Then we went to McKenna's first birthday party. In the crowd of people, we found Grammy who fed Bennett some kiwi the second his mommy turned her back! That Grammy!

On Sunday, Grammy fixed all the moms breakfast.

Bennett was pooped out and fell asleep eating a "cookie" on the drive back to Fort Worth. He proceeded to sleep 8 hours straight that night, and then wouldn't even wake up for daycare. He was a tired boy!

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